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Kundalini Yoga Classes & Pregnancy Yoga


$18 drop-in

62 Rockford Road


PREGNANCY YOGA has returned with much enthusiasm, current techniques for Labor and delivery. Moms and Partners invited, too!


$18 drop-in (no one turned away!)

62 Rockford Road



Listen to Carolyn Bennett-Sullivan's testimonial about Ellyn's retreats and workshops.


Ellyn had the unique opportunity to train with the renowned Dr. James Gordon when he was Dean of Saybrook University. Read his most recent article regarding integrative medicine.


Curious about this life changing work?


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Kundalini yoga - $18 per class

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Yoga & Meditation for Chronic Pain & Disease Video Online

Relax and release as you quiet the mind in the comfort of your own home!

Go online at www.powhow.com and purchase.

After experiencing chronic pain herself, Ellyn is now sharing her knowledge of movements, breath and meditation that have helped her. All you need is a computer and a willingness to learn.

Online Video only $5!

Yoga for chronic pain, anxiety and depression

Pregnancy Yoga is Back

Wednesdays 6:30 at Fit - $18

Extended Belly Sessions $20 (partners only $10)

6/3 & 6/17

Pregnancy yoga class - $18 per class

Partner pregnancy yoga class - $9 per class
spouses, mom, friend can be a support person)

6 pregnancy yoga classes - $90

Extended belly session - $20

Partner extended belly session - $10
spouses, mom, friend can be a support person)

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Listen to Ellyn's Soft Belly Meditation
(audio only)

NBC Interview for Colors of Birth

Prenatal Yoga Video - PEAKABABY

Ellyn Hutton BSN, RN has been working with pregnant women for over 20 years. She is a nurse, yoga teacher, massage therapist and mind/body skills facilitator.

Don't miss this opportunity to train with an awesome and experienced team!


The rest of the team includes:

Dr. Marvin Andersen is a retired OB-GYN and now owns an organic farm.

Kathleen McCarthy is the owner of the Birth Center and a seasoned midwife.

Rachel Domenick is a yoga teacher massage therapist and mother of five!

Charanpreet Kaur is a kundalini yoga teacher, doula and mom.

Darlene Bergener is a doula, yoga teacher, massage therapist and mom.

JOIN us for this ONE time opportunity to learn from a multifaceted, experienced and gifted team.

Thank you, Ellyn Hutton BSN, RN

Supporting health for moms and babies!

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Pregnancy Yoga Teachers’ Training will be held at the STAR campus at the University of Delaware

 summer of '15



Here are some testimonials from women who have taken Ellyn's prenatal yoga class:


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