Ellyn is passionate about life and is humbled by the deep lessons learned after a traumatic injury as a child. She is a gifted teacher who supports people in recognizing their best selves and greatest potential. Through her yoga and meditation work she encourages clients to access their innate wisdom and find joy in each respective revelation.

Yoga & Meditation

Yoga for Strong Bones on zoom and onsite options below

Yoga for Strong Bones and Resilience
Combat Osteoporosis  (Zoom $49 for 3 or $20 per class, onsite ($125/6 or $25 per class)
Yoga for Strong Bones & Resilience via zoom

Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10 a.m. EST. 
Yoga for Strong Bones/Resilience is based on the research of Dr. Loren Fishman showing increase in bone density with practice of 12 specific yoga poses four to seven times weekly. (link to study
Ellyn trained by the guru (Dr. Fishman) himself!                 

Pay per class (zoom only)

If you'd just like to pay per zoom session, 
$20 per class. 

6 session package
in-person yoga instruction at Fit Studio
62 Rockford Road

Learn how to safely practice Yoga for Strong Bones under the direction of Ellyn in-person. Learn all 12 researched poses and more. 

Tuesdays with Ellyn Fit Studio 10 am

Join us for an in-depth exploration of poses for increasing bone density. Slowly and safely learn researched poses under the guidance of Ellyn on-site at Fit Studio 62 Rockford Road.

"I believe in the resilience of all beings and trust in the path towards this truth." Ellyn

Why we like Yoga for Strong Bones & Resilience:

  • I have been in Ellyn’s Yoga for Strong Bones class for several years—in class instruction and now on zoom. I greatly appreciate her careful guidance and thoughtful instruction of the twelve poses that Dr. Loren Fishman recommends for osteoporosis. Ellyn shares her passion for yoga and Dr. Fishman’s research on building bone mass, improving balance, building muscular strength and improving range of motion and coordination through the consistent practice of twelve yoga poses. Ellyn’s class always provides an inspirational mix of breathing, relaxation and challenging poses. I am grateful every week for the opportunity she provides through her classes to build my flexibility, strength and balance.   Dede: Greenville, DE
  • Yoga classes with Ellyn are a great way to practice self-care. Ellyn has successfully fostered an on-line community in which we each feel supported. There is so much I enjoy about these classes. What I particularly love is Ellyn’s generosity as a teacher and mentor. She is continually expanding her own understanding of health and wellness, and she weaves that learning into our practice. I am always learning something new. Breath work is integral to our practice, and Ellyn has introduced us to various breathing techniques. The asanas in this class are specific to building bone, and I feel energized and strong after each class. Ellyn's classes are set with intention and lovingly crafted to enrich each participant. I look forward to our theme or focus for the day. The meditations often speak directly to my heart. I leave each class feeling inspired and grateful. Join us!   Leslie: Wilmington, DE
  • I have been attending Ellyn Hutton's class Yoga for Strong Bones since 2017 when I first moved to the area. I was intrigued by the emphasis on bone health, which I knew I needed for my osteopenia. Ellyn is a great teacher and guide, who is inspirational and also very focused on her students. Since the pandemic began in 2020, Ellyn has taught the class on Zoom and added the Lung Resistance breathing techniques, which have been so helpful with stress and good health during this time of uncertainty and potential COVID infection. Ellyn is a kind, loving woman who is so knowledgeable about all aspects of yoga and she does her best during every class to help her students.   Lisa: Wilmington, DE

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